Interview Like A Consultant

A job interview can sometimes feel like a test that you don’t know how to pass. But with the right strategy in place, you can wow a potential employer—and ace the interview. 👊

In this video, we’ll show you how to interview like a pro. We’ll go over:

✔️ Ways you can take a strategic approach to an interview
✔️ How you can shift your mindset from candidate to consultant
✔️ The only THREE questions an interviewer really wants you to answer

Once you have a winning interview strategy in place, you can let your strengths shine. 💫 You’ll know exactly what to do to get the next interview and land your dream job.

Video chapters:

00:00 Overview
01:04 4 steps to acing an interview
02:07 Take a strategic approach
02:41 Think and act like a consultant
03:18 Candidate vs. consultant
04:48 Mindset is key
05:20 Interviewers are asking only three questions
06:01 Summary

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